Guest Performer - Mr. Hugo Ng

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Named "Singapore's First Handsome Man" in the 1980’s, Mr. Hugo Ng immigrated to Hong Kong when he was just seven months old. He lived in the Kwun Tong District in his early years. In 1989, he donned a black suit and won the hearts of viewers with his portrayal of a miserable, disabled, lonely and emotional being in "Border Town Prodigal”. The show would later go on to become a timeless classic. His roles in "Brother’s Keeper II" and "The Witness of Time" have also left a deep impression on viewers worldwide. In recent years, Ng has been quite active in Mainland China and has participated in multiple television shoots.

Ng, who has lived in multiple cities, said: "Every place has its own uniqueness: Singapore is more relaxed, but Mainland China has a bit more space. However, Hong Kong is the place where I feel most comfortable, so I like it here a lot more. It's an honor to know that I was part of series’ that people still remember and talk about, whether it be "Border Town Prodigal" or "Brother’s Keeper II" or "The Witness of Time". Different roles have different ways of depiction. I am extremely fortunate for there have been many opportunities for me to play different characters. More importantly, I am thankful that my works are appreciated by viewers around the world."

Referring to his feelings about filming, Ng said: "I would say it’s a lot of work, but not at all a hardship. You get really invested in the character that you play. The director will yell ‘Action!’ and you forget all the difficulties you’ve faced leading up to that moment.” Some wise words spoken by a true, professional actor!

In front of the screen, Ng often portrays the big boss in the gangland. But in real life, he is a superb man who adores his wife and son. He often says that not only is his wife, 1987 Miss Universe Hong Kong Champion Lily Chung, the goddess in his heart but also his better half.

Ng has a very close and loving relationship with his 21-year-old son, Justin.  Regarding his superb portrayal of the antagonist in a show, he said: "Of course I won’t ban my son from watching me portray the ‘bad guy’.” Due to his son wanting to serve in the Singaporean military, Ng decided to return home in 2016 and settled in the city for two years.

As a guest performer for this year’s Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, Ng said: "I don’t have any secret weapons. I just hope to pour my heart out and sing a few good songs for everyone to listen to. I hope you will all bear with me! I love to sing because I think singing can express feelings that can’t be easily put into words. I would say that singing is truly good for the body!"

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, the saying can be the same for a person’s eyes. You can learn a lot about a person just by looking into their eyes. As Ng is a firm believer of the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, he is ecstatic to meet the top ten finalists of this year’s Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant.